IEEE RAS Technical Committee on Robo-Ethics

ICRA 2005 - Workshop on Robo-Ethics

Barcelona, April 18th, 2005


Robotics research is increasingly raising ethical implications, related to the more strict interaction between robots and human beings, as well as to the closest interaction between robotics itself and biological science, in the study of Man.

In a more general sense, “techno-ethics” has been defined as the discipline aimed at studying moral (social, politic, theological) issues related to the use of technological artefacts in the Society. Considering the high level of technological sophistication reached in the latest years, the fact that technology in general, and robotics in particular, are getting closer and closer to human beings and human life, an ethical reflection that constantly evaluates and guides the scientific and engineering research is of primary importance. Some important robotics frameworks have been including techno-ethical discussions, like the "Bio-xx" opening workshop at ICRA 2002, the workshop "Humanoids: a Techno-Ontological approach” held in Tokyo in 2001, and the paper by Josè Galvan entitled "Techno-Ethics" published in the December 2003 RAM Issue.


Based on the considerations above, the IEEE-RAS Technical Committee (TC) on Robo-Ethics aims to provide the IEEE-RAS with a framework for taking care of ethical implications of robotics research, by promoting the discussion among researchers, philosophers, and ethicists, but also by supporting the establishment of shared tools for managing ethical issues in this context.

The focus of the proposed TC on Robo-Ethics includes the unintended warfare uses of robotics research results, the preservation of human integrity in the interaction with robotic (even bionic) systems, and the study and development of the robot-ethics concept.

The proposed new TC pursues its objectives by organizing focussed events and publications at RAS-sponsored conferences and elsewhere.


Paolo Dario (chair)

Kazuo Tanie (co-chair)

Ron Arkin (co-chair)

How to participate in the TC activities

All IEEE RAS members are welcome to send their comments, suggestions, contributions to the TC activities and/or to register, by sending an e-mail message to:


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